Helping Hands has many opportunities for volunteering to give back to your community!  Volunteer activities include:


These volunteers are available during our operating hours and performs duties to keep our pantry running!  Duties include assisting families in shopping the pantry, packing groceries, stocking shelves, cleaning and other duties.


These volunteers drive our truck on Tuesday morning to the Akron Canton Regional Foodbank in Canton to pick up our order at 10:30 AM and on Wednesday morning to Giant Eagles in the area to pick up day old bread and pastries.  Drivers are assigned on a rotating basis for both activities.  Unloaders come to HHN at 11:15 AM on Tuesdays and assist with getting the food into the center.  This role does require you are able to lift/carry items.


        These volunteers sort, hang and manage our gently used clothing area.  Hours are at your convenience when we are open.


Helping Hands always has other things to take care of such as mowing, weeding our flower beds, general maintenance, cleaning etc.  If you want to share a few hours here and there over the course of the month this category is for you!